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InstantDB Version 3.11 is now available

InstantDB Version 3.11 is now available for download from:

Changes from version 3.10:

- Added single character data type SMALLCHAR. 
- Improved query performance for non-indexed tables.
- Improved query performance of GROUP BY queries. 
- GROUP BY clause has been extended to allow simple 
  function expressions as well as column names. 
- Added an INTO clause in SELECT statement. 
  e.g. SELECT a,b INTO new_table FROM old_table WHERE C > 1. 
- New property, searchDeletes (default 0). Default value 
  should speed up some UPDATE statements.
- Readonly databases now use more compact indexes.
- Index tables are now automatically saved after being 
- If a table is recovered then all indexes on that table 
  are also recovered, even if they are marked as up to date. 
- GROUP BY ... HAVING caused an exception if COUNT(*) used 
  in having clause. Fixed. 
- Failing to specify all four table paths could cause an 
  exception. Fixed. 
- PreparedStatement selects using parameterised IN clauses 
  failed. Fixed. 
- Parameterless user defined functions caused an exception. Fixed. 
- PreparedStatements only allowed setString on IN clauses. 
  Now all setXXX methods should work on IN clauses. 


Peter Hearty
Instant Computer Solutions

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