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Re: Enhydra: Enhydra Roadmap -- Calling for feedback

I also agree...while you may not consider JSP to be a "worthy"
standard to support, in my organization, we can't consider
ANYTHING other than JSP for a template language because
we have a policy to use official Java services/APIs exclusively
where they are defined.  (I.E. dont choose Betamax exclusively
over VHS if you want to stay in business..offer both if not just VHS)

At 02:15 AM 10/6/99 -0500, Eugenio Segura wrote:
Totally agree with Mr. Burnell,    Please do not stay in a niche ... be the best,  be all for everybody.

E. Segura

Neville Burnell wrote:
* JSP support?
[Neville Burnell]

Yes, definitely a must, despite XMLCs superiority in this space. Tracking the JSP, EJB and Servlets APIs are very important to allow developers to migrate apps to enhydra, and to choose from the JSP/Servlet component vendor space which is sure to crop up. JSP support from the major IDE vendors means that many inhouse apps and WUI will be constructed by novice developers.

For Enhydra to be the Apache of app servers, it must support the superset of web development standards, not just the best. It must support the "mainstream" vendors better than they do.

Just my 2c