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Enhydra: Announcing Enhydra Java/XML Application Server, Release 2.2.1

Release 2.2.1 of the Enhydra Java/XML Application Server is now available
for download at  This is a significant new release that
adds new functionality in many areas, including:

Apache connection method - You can now connect the Multiserver to Apache web
servers via the Apache JServ Protocol and use the Multiserver's advanced
servlet and application administration features.

Session caching and persistence - For improved reliability and scalability,
this includes session caching and the ability to save session data to disk
or to a database without having to write your own custom code.

ISAPI connection method - This new connection method makes it much easier to
use Enhydra with Windows NT and the Microsoft IIS web server.

DODS integration - The Data Object Design Studio (DODS) has now been
integrated into the core release of Enhydra. This GUI tool enables the
building of the object to relational mapping layer.

Class reloading - You can now set an option to automatically reload classes
when changed. This avoids having to stop and restart the application
whenever a change is made during development.

URL Rewriting - the ability to use the technique of URL rewriting in order
to support session/state when the client browser has cookies turned off.

Enhydra Servlet Debugger  (standalone) - The Enhydra debugger has been
enhanced to support any servlet environment, including Apache JServ and Live
Software's JRun.

In addition, there have been ongoing improvements to XMLC, enhanced database
connection management, many bug fixes, and other enhancements.

Besides the Lutris team, there were significant contributions and bug fixes
from the Enhydra community, including:
   Richard Kunze
   Leigh Dodds
   Chris Ryan
   Nathaniel Colangelo
   Ben Willis
   Larry Wolcott
   Ole Arndt
   Frederik Dahlke
   Joel Boehland

This release also resolves the problems with running DODS and missing
session data in the Debugger found in the original 2.2 release.  If you
recently downloaded that version, please get 2.2.1.

Thanks for you continued support and interest in Enhydra.

Ray Love
Director of Marketing
Lutris Technologies
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 200
Santa Cruz, CA  95060
831.471.9753 x212
FAX: 831.471.9754

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