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Re: Designers: XMLC beats JGenerator easily

On Wednesday 14 March 2001 21:00, you wrote:
> I have seen items about JGenerator but the fact is
> that XMLC beats JGenerator handsdown.

Given that we're on an Enhydra mailing list, I don't think you need to 
convince *this* particular audience :-)

> Why? Because XMLC already is a universal translator,
> it works with any app server and outputs to any device
> including Flash 5.0.
> Why limit your application or design? With XMLC you
> can Write the application ONCE and its instantly ready
> for cell phones, Flash 5.0, palm pilots , ANY internet
> device. XMLC is the universal translator, now.
> And it's available both as Open Source only and a
> supported version as well.

Very true. But, one of the top philosophies in Enhydra and especially XMLC is 
"separate code and layout". And this goes completely haywire with Flash 5, 
especially if you want to use those nifty XML features. There's no way around 
a lot of ugly and quite often pretty complicated ActionScript code square in 
the middle of the Flash movie. From a code/layout separation perspective, 
that puts you right back to square one. True, you don't need to jump through 
hoops on the backend that feeds the Flash app, but that's not much comfort 

> Why would you limit your projects to JGenerator when
> you can have the best NOW in XMLC? It's feature rich
> and has been tried and true.

No one told anything of limitating oneself to JGenerator, as far as I recall. 

JGenerator is a nice, working example of how to modify SWF from Java.
On top of that, it's OpenSource, and that makes it a prime source of 
information for building a tool that enables XMLC to manipulate Flash on the 
server, with all the benefits attached. I can't speak for others, but that's 
my prime motivation to look at it ;-)



Richard Kunze

[ t]ivano Software, Bahnhofstr. 18, 63263 Neu-Isenburg
Tel.: +49 6102 249 600, Fax.: +49 6102 247 970,
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