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Enhydra: Enhydra in the news , a new Beta, and Alpha Servlet Debugger

Enhydra 2.1 has been formally announced and covered by some 
of the leading Internet publications.  For details and links 
to the stories see: 

Also, Enhydra 2.2 beta 1 is now available for download from:

This release adds two major features:

1.  Session Failover
  This includes Session caching and the PersistentSessionManager 
  for improved reliability and scalability.  The javadoc explains 
  the configuration settings for the session manager.
  Also the 'DemoApp' configuration file lists all the settings and 
  explains how to use them.

2.  Apache Connection Method
  Connects the MultiServer to Apache web servers via the
  Apache JServ Protocol.  This allows the use of advanced MultiServer
  features such as administration for applications accessible through
  Apache.  Usage notes are on the download page.

Also on the downloads page is the first Alpha release of the Enhydra 
Servlet Debugger.  It can be used to debug servlets in any servlet running
environment, including Apache JServ and JRun. It is a servlet (actually 
an Enhydra application) that allows web based debugging of servlets.  
It is available at:

You otter have a great weekend!

Ray Love
Director of Marketing
Lutris Technologies
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 200
Santa Cruz, CA  95060
831.471.9753 x212
FAX: 831.471.9754 
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