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Enhydra: Announcing the release of DODS beta 10

The beta-10 release of the Data Object Design Studio (DODS)
is now available for download on the Enhydra web site.

Please let me know of any problems you encounter.

The README file contains notes on the new command line usage,
and on the placement of Data Object packages within an Enhydra

The BookStor.doa example project file has been recreated.

Several bugs have been fixed in the code generators.
These bugs afflicted Data Object caches, Query classes,
and SQL files.

I wish to thank Chris Ryan (Plugged In Software) for his
many valuable contributions to this release.
Look for his name in the code!

During this release cycle, the following Enhydra subscribers
have graciously donated their time to track down and report bugs,
and/or provide insightful suggestions:

   Ed Boring (University of California Santa Cruz)
   Fredrik Eriksson
   Ping Lau
   Chris Ryan (Plugged In Software)
   Jonas Thurfors
   Larry Wolcott (Huffy Sports)
   David Wood (Plugged In Software)

Thank you all very much.

Jay Gunter
Lutris Technologies

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