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Designers: Being involved with XMLC since its inception

Title: Being involved with XMLC since its inception
Being involved with XMLC since its inception, I wanted to share the reason that we as designers have found it so useful.  It’s all about the creative process.  At the beginning of most internet projects it is just as important to start developing brand identity (messaging, design, layout & web concepts) as it is to start the engineering. With most technologies soon after you start designing an interface you must stop and wait for code to be embedded into your pages. At that point you need to move a JAVA engineer into your “design area” so that the all so fragile code stays exactly where it was embedded. (Notice I said design area. That’s right, a noisy, open, toes in sandals area for literally throwing paper ball ideas at each other and bouncing them off the walls. Engineers usually love this environment, NOT!) Basically it’s all over at that point. No more layout flexibility.

Well that problem is gone with XMLC. Once the designs and storyboards are complete, we can develop the complete user interface with simple embedded id’s in the dynamic areas. When the engineers get our pages, they read through the id’s and hook the names into their code by using those black terminal windows with yellow type.

I’ve visited several other internet development firms and seen them working with JSP, Pearl, PHP etc. and as all I can say to my counterparts is, “I’m so sorry! Haven’t your engineers seen what Enhydra and XMLC can do.” And usually a sad Engineer sitting right next to a designer messing with code says, with a tear in his or her eye, “Why, do you have an easier way?” Then I show them the light....

Dennis J. Chatham
Creative Director
Lutris Technologies (portfolio)