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Enhydra Usage Stories Wanted!

Dear Enhydra Community,

We're trying to educate visitors to on how Enhydra can be used to support all sorts of applications. We'd like to do so through the use of real world usage stories. Internally at Lutris, we're using it as the platform for our entire intranet. The Enhydra Multiserver functions as the Web server for static content, and the Enhydra Application Framework supports a variety of Enhydra applications, including time sheet program (important to our consulting customers), consulting project management application, and corporate-wide contact manager. We would like to ask those of you who have formulated plans and projects utilizing Enhydra to post an "Enhydra usage story" to this mailing list for posting on the Web site. As an incentive for you to consider, in return for your usage story, we will send you a....  

Free Enhydra t-shirt!
[click to view larger,
front and back views

Yes, I'm an engineer-turned-marketing guy, and I understand the value of cool t-shirts. T-shirt recipients will be chosen by Andy and David using pure gutt level criteria. Nothing more scientific than that. We've go 50 t-shirts to give away. So it's first contribute, first serve. We're also looking for solid contributions to the Enhdyra community in the form of demo applications and feature enhancements. Help us make Enhydra a success!

David Young,